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People of all ages manage Internet accounts
How old are you?

People of all ages manage accounts on the Internet
What are we solving? For whom?
People need to manage too many accounts daily
"How many different accounts do you find yourself signing into daily?"

More than 50% of people answered that they use 4 or more accounts
"Do you have different passwords for different accounts? If so, how many passwords?"

About 50% of people answered that they use 5 or more passwords.
"How often do you forget your password monthly? Do you have issues forgetting your password?"

Only 1/3 of people answered that they do not forget passwords
People need a better way of getting notifications
Do you use social media?

Over than 80% of people are using Social Media and get Notifications
Do you like receiving notifications?

Over 80% of people either do not like notifications or like only some notifications
Storyboard for the design problem
Pocket to the rescue

  • Stability- The main core of Pocket is to be consistently reliable
  • Efficiency- Pocket strives to increase the user’s productivity
  • Ease-of-Use - Pocket aims to welcome users with simple and organized aesthetics
Pocket app landing

Pocket app email and opened app

Pocket app multi-chat

No more cluttered notifications

Meet us on all major platforms
Pocket is available both on computer and mobile devices
We want Pocket to be accessible anywhere, anytime

Pocket should be use freely and with ease

* iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, MacOS, and Linux are supported
Link and manage all your accounts in one place

Select popular apps from the list, or use the search bar
to find others POCKET will store all your current credentials
and give you access to everything you need
in one easy-to-use app
A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

POCKET will organize your accounts into easily customizable folders
All your emails in one place

With POCKET, there’s no need to close and open new windows,
you can quickly switch between tabs within the same folder
Why Pocket, not other services?
Support more than 100 different accounts
Key Features
  • Pocket is a mobile and desktop app
  • You can sign into all of your accounts at once
  • Pocket has an overlay feature that allows you to easily open and close another app
  • Notifications are stacked, and organized
  • Pocket also has customizable folders to organize your accounts even further
SWOT Competitive Analysis Notes
Helpful Harmful
Internal Origin Strengths
What do people want?
What do people not like about
existing apps in the market?
External Origin Opportunities
What’s out there?
What would be difficult to compete with?
User Flow and functionality